Themes and Topics

Call for paper

1. Power system and new energy

(1) New energy power generation technology, equipment and grid connection

(2) UHV AC and DC transmission technology and equipment

(3) Flexible DC transmission and distribution technology and equipment

(4) Energy Internet technology and equipment

(5) Electricity market construction


2. High voltage and discharge

(1) High voltage test and measurement

(2) Sensing, monitoring and diagnosis

(3) High-voltage insulation technology

(4) High-voltage DC insulation structure design

(5) Other high-voltage insulation technology topics

(6) New high-voltage electrical equipment


3. Energy storage technology and equipment

(1) Physical energy storage technology and equipment

(2) Electrochemical energy storage technology and equipment

(3) Hydrogen production, hydrogen storage and fuel cells

(4) Electric energy storage/cooling technology and application

(5) Energy storage equipment safety and fire protection

(6) Energy storage equipment management technology and application


4. Power electronics and electric drive

(1) New power electronic devices and packaging integration

(2) Power electronic converter topology and control

(3) Power electronic devices and systems


5. New electrical materials and new technologies

(1) Highly conductive conductors, ferromagnetic materials and electrical contact materials for electrical equipment

(2) Manufacturing and safe operation of advanced electrical materials and electrical equipment

(3) New electromagnetic energy storage materials and applications

(4) New electromagnetic energy conversion and transmission

(5) Failure mechanism and electromagnetic interference of power intelligent equipment in complex electromagnetic environment


6. Motor and system

(1) Intelligent control, artificial intelligence control, fault diagnosis, etc.

(2) High reliability motors: redundant motors, fault-tolerant motors, etc.

(3) Motor and drive system applications with high speed, high precision, high efficiency and power density

(4) New topologies of motors and systems

(5) Motor drive and control

(6) Motor system design, optimization and fault diagnosis

(7) Other motor related topics


7. Bioelectromagnetics and its applications

(1) Measurement and analysis of biological electromagnetic properties

(2) Bioelectricity/Magnetic/Acoustic Imaging Technology and Application

(3) Application of high voltage pulsed electric field in biomedicine

(4) Brain-computer interface technology and application

(5) Deep brain electrical/magnetic stimulation technology and application

(6) Plasma Biomedical Technology


8. Intelligent perception and intelligent equipment

(1) New sensitive materials, sensing technologies and applications

(2) Smart chip technology and application

(3) Multi-sensor collaborative perception and information fusion

(4) Miniaturization of intelligent sensing terminals and self-powered technology

(5) Intelligent power equipment